About G~B&CC

Over 35 years ago David George ( Mister Dave ) walked into the Caboose Hobby Store in Denver, Colorado. He laid eyes on a small model railroad set and quickly knew what he wanted to do in his upcoming retirement years. The model railroad he saw was a relatively new size of model trains called the “Z-scale” and Dave, starting in 1999 would eventually become one of the leading modelers of this exciting new branch of model railroading.

You can read a more detailed history of the Golden~Blackhawk & Central City here, but after 19 years of travelling around the United States the G~B&CC has landed here in Tomball, Texas USA. It is now a permanent installation in the historic Tomball Train Depot.

Currently spanning over 160 square feet, the G~B&CC is the world’s largest z-scale traveling modular layout, personally built by a single owner, on public display. It has won numerous First Place and Best of Show awards at National and Regional Model Train Shows and has been enjoyed by at least 500,000 people over the past twenty one years. It is lovingly cared for by a team of dedicated volunteers and is officially owned by a non profit 501(c)3 Texas corporation. It is open from 11 AM until 4 PM every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. There is no admission charge but tax free donations are gratefully received to fund the addition of high tech lighting and operations

You can read more about the layout here and how to contact us here.