Where did Central City Go??

Today was an exciting morning at the Golden~Blackhawk & Central City model railroad. Mister Dave summoned all his courage and resolve to cut into his beautiful layout and *temporarily* remove the Central City so it can updated with new lighting.

This is just one many exciting enhancements planned in the months ahead as we continue to improve the G~B&CC !!

Mister Dave and his many awards
First cuts into the layout….
The lift begins!!
Here it comes!
up and away…
G~B&CC Central City – finally out!!
Ready for lighting renovation…
Time to clean up
What our visitors will see now…
Cross section of a Mister Dave Model RR Mountain
Central City begins its journey to the garage for upkeep and repairs!
Stay tuned for the NEW and improved Central City on the one and only G~B&CC RR!!